Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Technology is Great...When it works!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week.  Any posts that have come through were done prior to my computers hard drive crashing.  They say things come in threes and that they do.  First the hard drive crashes, only to find out that my extended warranty had run our 20 days earlier.  Having pleded with the fellow at Apple they agreed to cover the cost of a new hard drive.  Then when I got the computer back we could not transfer the information made from my backup to restore the computer.  Back to Mac to have them try and fix it, they couldn't so they kept it again to see what they could do.  Hopefully they will have it fixed within a day or so and they said they would help to reinstall the information from my backup.  See it pays to be kind and bat your eyelashes once in a while.

As for the winner of the Free pass to Stampin Fun and Friends "Sweet Spring" it was a 50/50 chance as there were only two entries (the benefits of following a new blogger).  With that being said the free pass goes to Marina.  Marina had this to say...
MarinaJan 9, 2012 01:37 PM

Nancy, I enjoy your blog and your creations very much. I know that you also scrapbook occasionally, and this this something I would like to see on your site too.
As to the free pass draw, I would like to be included, please. Never ever participating in online classes, I feel quite intimidated. So if I win, it'll be a good opportunity to try it.
Thank you for your talent with you followers!
Marina please email me with your email address so that I may pass it along.  Thanks.

On a happier note...Drum Roll Please..............I became a Grandma for the first time on Sunday, January 15th.  Yes Edwin Malcolm Seed was born right on schedule. He is the exact image of his father at birth and named after his Great Grandfather on Moms side and Grampa (or Papa Smurf as we lovely call my husband) on Dads side.  Everyone is healthy, happy and if I do say so myself he is the best baby going, but then I could be a little biased.

Hope to be creating and posting again soon.


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