Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Candy from Nichole

What a great Candy Blog prize.  Nichole's Stamp Addiction is giving away this great collection of markers.  Just click on Nichole's link for details.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

TST #98 Accentuate the Negative

Merry Christmas Everyone!
From My Home to Yours...I hope that Everyone has a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Now onto business.  It's tuesday and even though it is Christmas we are still busy at work creating and inspiring you to get out your supplies and join along with us at Try Stampin on Tuesday.  I know most of the girls will probably have one last Christmas Card to show you but I needed a Birthday Card for a co-worker so I went with that instead.

I must admit that this one stumped me a little, but I think that was because I have been in a non creative or should I say a non productive state these days.  Like everyone else tooooo much going on all at one time.  But I decided to get going and give this one a chance.  

I started by choosing my colours.  First I wanted a white card, then I changed it to yellow once I picked out my DSP that I wanted to use.  Ended up using both white and yellow.   I hadn't tried by doily dies yet so I wanted to give them a try as well.
Then I needed something to tie the two sides together so I used my swirl dies and cut one of the swirls using the negative portion for my right side and the positive portion on the front of the card on the bottom.  Therefore I was "Accenting the Negative". 

Next came Everything Eleanor.  I love this stamp set and mainly use just the flower.  I stamped out two flowers and trimmed them down.  Shaping and gluing the first one onto the doily I then cut a small slit into the top flower and added my flower centre through the slit.  Then I glued the second flower on top and waited for everything to dry.  Once dry I  shaped the centres.  

I hope you like what I have come up with.  Now pop on over to the Try Stampin on Tuesday site and see what the other great Designers have in store for you.  I hope that you will find just enough time to join us this week and recreate this great sketch and post your efforts on the site for all of us to see. 

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Tag...Your It!

At Christmas my take on the Traditional Stocking is a little over done!  I use a sack.  I made these sacks  a really, really long time ago and each year the stocking (sack) actually has more in it than what the actual gift it.

This year I decided to make new tags for the sacks.  Each tag represents the person that the sack is for.


I hope you enjoy what I have come up with.


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Thank You, Thank You

This past year my Brother and I became Power of Attorney over my Father, which let me tell you is a very big undertaking.  If it was just my Father that we was dealing with it might not be so bad but we are dealing with his new wife and her family as well.

We have had to also take Dad's car away on him and this has therefore put us in the driver's seat so to speak to get him around.  There have been several people that have helped us out over the past few months out of the goodness of their hearts and have asked for nothing in return.  As a simple token of our appreciation I have made these Thank You cards for them.

The first one needed to hold four gift cards so I decided to make a wallet.

The next one only needed to hold 1 card so I decided to make one of the new gift cards that are all the rage on other sites.  I must admit though once it was made I really was not all that impressed with it but it works.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Edwin's First Christmas

It's going to be a very special Christmas this year with our new Grandson Edwin.  As my own children grew up each year we would make an ornament together along with a special ornament that held their picture for that year.  Then when they were all grown up (can't believe that they are as old as they are) and left the nest they had their own ornaments to decorate their trees with.  Late Night Stampers was also having a challenge this week to create a 3D ornament.

So in keeping with the tradition I asked his Mom and Dad if they would like to make an ornament with Edwin's help.  Only being 11 months old it is pretty hard to ask him to make it on his own.

It was a little tricky getting him to cooperate but bottle in hand we managed to make a production line of the ornaments.

We started with a glass ornament and Versamark. Inked up his hand and foot and heat embossed his prints onto the ball.  Added the date and Edwin you now have your very first ornament!

Congratulation Edwin...You have now started your very own ornament collection!!

Grandma Seed

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TST #97

Where does the time go.  This is such a hectic time of year and that awful four letter word "work" just seems to get in the way of having fun making and creating cards.  However it's time once again for Try Stampin on Tuesday.  This week I think that the sketch could be used in a lot of different ways.  You could make a buckle card or even a card that looks like a cluch purse, but I chose to keep with the Christmas Theme in the cards for December and went with my "Flaky Friends".
I thought I would change the sketch up a little and instead of using two different background pieces I would continue with having the whole background one piece.  Then I added the little flakes to the background piece from my Flaky Friends stamp set.  I purchased this set over the summer for $5 and love it.  
Once again I used the SU Blossom Punch to set up the sentiment.  This is a rather simple version of the sketch, but I think that it works.  Now if you need a little more inspiration hop on over to the Try Stampin website and see what the other great Designers have in store for you.  Don't forget to post your recreation of the sketch for all of us to admire!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TST #96

Here is another Christmas Card as promised for this weeks Try Stampin on Tuesday.

Did you get a chance to check out our great new Design Team last week.  If not now is your chance.  We have even more Designers than ever before and I'm sure that you will recognize a name or two on the list.


This card I have made especially for a co-worker who lives for Purple.  I try and make all of her cards with that in mind and this one will be no different.  She also like Bling so I have added just a hint of that with the snowflake embellishment.
I started with the Northern Flurry's die and punched out the snowflakes in the two shades of purple.  Then using the MS Branch Punch I punched out these in a soft grey colour.  They almost look silver when you put them with the purple.  Then I spread regular clear glue onto the surfaces and sprinkled Mica Flakes over them.  Once they were dry I layered them and set them up onto a Blossom Punch piece that had been sparkled up as well.    

I hope you like what I have come up with.  Now it's your turn.  If you need a little inspiration check out the other Designers at Try Stampin on Tuesday.  Don't forget to post your version of this sketch on the site as well.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TST #95

Well it's Tuesday, again, and time once more for Try Stampin on Tuesday.  If you haven't already noticed the past couple of posts have all be Christmas Card related (no kidding).  Yes it's that time of year and this week is no different.  The sketch this week threw me off and I had to keep looking at it before I decided what to do.  First I thought present, but then I settled for ornament.

Believe it or not this card was made all with scraps that I had in my scrap box, except of course for my card base.  So remember no matter how big or small those scraps will come in handy at some point.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

The other great designers have some really special cards in store for you so don't forget to pop on over and see what they have to show you.  Speaking of designers, we have some new talent on board.  A few names that you just might recognize!  Come see for yourself.  While you are there I hope that you get inspired enough to join in on the fun and don't forget to share your creation with us.

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