Thursday, March 1, 2012

We BELIEVE in you!

My daughter is visiting us for her Spring Break Reading Week from College.  Although she is a Licensed Stylist and Esthetician she has returned to school to pursue Dental Hygiene.  She is now in her second semester and is one of those people that if it she does not achieve 90% or better is very hard on herself.  She is doing quite well but needs a little encouragement right now. 

Some Spring Break!  When you see most kids out playing and partying, her week with us has been spent working on assignments and studying for exams when she returns.  So I have put together this card for her to take back home with her so that whenever she looks at it she can remember that we love her and Believe in her.  Plus I'm sure that she will learn to believe in herself! 

I started with my MDS and printed out the Believe and the sentiment and then once that was printed out I added in the remainder of the embellishments.

We love you Ash!

Hope you enjoy!

Nancy (MOM)

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