Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Look...what do you think?

Recently I heard a radio announcer talk about visual advertizing and what stimulates the brain to encourage people to continue looking at the ad. 

Turns out, according to him that Blue is a very calming colour and will encourage others to pursue the article or ad that they are looking at.  So I have gone with his advice. 

Remember I am new at this blogging thing and when I started I saw so many that I absolutely loved, but just couldn't figure out how they achieved them.  Mine is simple and only goes with what is available through

Please tell me what you think of my new look?

Love to hear from you.


1 comment:

  1. Nancy, I love the colors much better! I don't know much about this color theory, I know there is some science behind it for sure, but everyone has favorite colors too, and it happens that i like the new colors more,they are "Lighter", i felt your previous colors were "heavier". And spring is coming, and your blog has spring air now.
    Today is International Women's Day. So Happy International Women's Day!