Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Accenting Your Bow with Pins and Beads


Last week I posted a card made for my Brother and SIL.  

I have had a couple of requests both on line and in person asking how I attached the pin to the bow.  

So I have made this card to show you the process.

Once the card base was made I constructed my bow leaving long ties to be able to wrap around the card front.  I also gathered everything that I would need for the bow embellishment.  This would include the pins (from the Dollar Store) and a variety of bead in different sizes and shapes.  You can use whatever you prefer with the beads.

Next I adhered the bow to the card front using snail.

Then I arranged the beads on two pins.  These pins are smaller than hat pins so two are used.

For the pin on the top of the bow I used one large bead and a smaller bead then using Tombo Multi Glue I placed a small dab on the end of the pin and then inserted it into the topside of the bow.

Then place the beads on the second pin in any order and add a dab of Tombo Multi Glue again to the end of the pin and insert it into the the bottom of the bow.  Tombo glue is very strong and I don't have any problems with it coming loose once it is inserted into the bow.

The final embellishment that I placed was a small bead that was in the shape of a leaf.  Because of the way the hole was in the bead I decided to use wire to adhere it to the bow.

I cut a small piece of wire and inserted it through the bead and then wrapped it around the bow centre and twisted it in the back of the bow.  This was a bit of a struggle because the bow was already on the card but with a little work it worked.


The end result is a very pretty bow embellished with a bead pin.  This in my opinion gives a nice vintage appearance to any card.

Now it's your turn.  Give it a try and show me what you come up with.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. It's a very nice bow with pin indeed!
    Nancy, thank you very much for explaining how you did this! I would never thought that there were 2 pins. Now it's seems achievable to me :)
    Very nice card too!