Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today is my Son and DIL's third wedding anniversary, so to go along with their original wedding theme I have created a sunflower card using the triple layer stamp card technique.

I thought that it would be fitting to do a triple layer card seeing as it is their 3rd anniversary.  Also Carol and the girls carried sunflowers for the wedding and I would like to continue each year with this theme...hopefully.

They have had lots go on this year and to keep in the theme of three's this year they were blessed with the best son EVER!  He smiles all the time, such a happy little guy! Kyle said he got his new truck, just like Dad's and best of all he landed his dream job after 10 years of trying as a firefighter.

We are very proud of them and love our new little addition most of all.

Happy Anniversary Kyle and Carol.  Many more!
Love Mom and Dad


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  1. Nancy,
    Happy Anniversary to your Son and DIL! I remember your last year's card, also sunflowers :) It's a neat idea to continue with the theme through the years.
    Also, congratulations on your Son's dream job!

  2. What a beautiful Anniversary card, I love sunflowers & how wonderful to use their wedding flower in your card - will evoke wonderful memories of the day! They sound like a perfect little family :) x