Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TST #61 Mistakes Gone Right!

Good morning and thanks for stopping by again today. Once again Jen has come up with a great sketch challenge on Try Stampin on Tuesday.  I hope that you will give it a try.

I knew as soon as I saw this sketch which paper I wanted to use and who my card would be for.  I'm sure it will bring a smile to her face once she sees it.

The background paper has a very soft design to it.  I sponged the edges and then spritzed it with water and crinkled it up.  As an afterthought I shouldn't have spritzed the paper as it didn't turn out in the distressed fashion that I wanted, but I rolled with it and moved on.  I did the same with the smaller piece as well, just to keep the continuity in my mistake!  The flower consists of 3 solid pink and 1 designer paper punched from the Blossom Punch.  A brad was secured in the centre and from there I spritzed each layer, one at a time and scrunched them up to form the flower.  By using the water to spritz and form the flower your flower will become ridged once it dries.

I made a slight stamping boo boo when I was stamping the sentiment and had to turn the paper around so now the boo boo is under the flower.  However because you could still see the boo boo I punched out another flower in Whisper White and adhered it under the ribbon as a base for the scrunched flower to sit on.  Boo boo gone!  No one knows but us.....Shhhh!

Now for the fun part.  How do you put a card with a very stiff flower into an envelop? You punch out a hole in the envelop!  I took my envelop and cut off the back flap. Then I decided where the flower was going to sit on the front of the card and marked it.  Taking my punch I inserted the punch very carefully inside the envelop pouch and punched the hole.  Stamping the front of the card with my French Script and highlighting the opening with my pink ink.

Using the designer paper from the card I cut a flap that I then attached just inside the envelop and rounded the corners and sponged the edges as well.  Now when you insert your card the flower will pop out through the opening and adds a extra touch to both your card and the envelop.

So you see even though I had made a couple of mistakes (in my opinion) the card came out just fine and only we know the truth! 

Hope you enjoy!  Now it's your turn.  Show me what you got and don't forget to post your entries on the Try Stampin website.  I will be watching for them.


I want to know what you think, so please leave me a comment!


  1. Your card is absolutely beautiful! No one would believe that it evolved to cover up a series of mistakes. The envelope is a masterpiece too. Hope this one is being hand delivered though :)

    1. Yes it will be hand delivered and that is why it was made this way. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Very pretty! Anyone would love to receive this card! Love your idea for the envelope! Very inventive;-)