Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TST #118 Float Like a Butterfly

Well the warm weather is finally starting to arrive around here and the flowers are all coming out in bloom.  Loads of birds and yes the bee's as well, but I can't wait for the butterflies.  We get a few different butterflies around our place,  mostly Monarch, but regardless of the type I love watching how they float in the air from bush to bush.  So today I decided to take the sketch challenge from Try Stampin on Tuesday and bring a little bit of the floating butterfly theme to my card.
When I printed out the sketch to start creating my card I didn't realize that I had flipped the image and was half way through the card before I realized something just didn't look right, but I wasn't about to start over.  Mistakes happen...we learn to deal with them.  In my case I make a lot of card mistakes (along with real life mistakes) but the card ones work out just about every time.

I started by taking Post-it notes and masking off areas on the card base.  Then sponged in the masked off areas and stamped a border image along the area to complete it.  At first I left the area open that would have been the upper most crossed over area, then I decided to colour it in as well and use that space to place my butterflies.  
Originally I was going to make this an all white card but once I had the purple butterflies on the front I realized that I needed a little more punch around the edges so I made my card base the same dark purple as the butterflies.

Once I finished the entire card and sat back to look at it, it made me laugh because the background was in the shape of the letter "B" and I used "Butterflies" to accent it.  

I hope you like what I have come up with.  Now it's your turn.  Need a little more inspiration?  Hop over to the TSOT site and see what the other Great Designers have in store for you.

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  1. Nancy your card is wonderful. It helped me make sense of the sketch. I love the way you made the card & those butterflies are just gorgeous.

  2. Genius idea to sponge the sections! Love the colours and your butterflies are a beautiful addition.

  3. The butterflies were a great idea! So pretty!