Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Giving the Gears

I made a Valentine's card for my Hubby and was very pleased with the results.  This is the card made for him.
When I looked at the card even though it was clean and simple it packed a lot of punch in person.
Because I liked that card so much I decided to try it a second time but using a different theme.  This time I went with a masculine card using gears.  
Unfortunately the outcome was not as great as the first card.  I did not stamp a sentiment on the card, like I do for a lot of my cards.  I do this for two reasons.  It allows me to choose a card and then the sentiment once I know who and what the card is being used for.  I could probably turn this card the other way as well.
Rather than a bow or knot of some sort I decided to make the twine simply look like it was holding the gears from moving.

Although this card did not turn out as hoped I know that I will find the perfect person for it along with the perfect sentiment.

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