Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunflower Anniversary

First I would like to wish all my Canadian Friends a Happy Thanksgiving and my American Friends a Happy Columbus Day!  The weather up here above the 49th has been a mix this weekend.  Saturday was spectacular and great for being outside, Sunday wet and great to snuggle up with a book inside and so far today it looks promising!

Today I would like to show you an Anniversary card I put together for my Son and Daughter-in-Law.  Each year I try and make a card that follows along with the theme that they had for there wedding, that being Sunflowers.
I started by using a piece of white CS and running it through my Cuttlebug using the Ray-o-sunshine embossing folder.  Then with my ink I sponged the raised portions of the embossed areas.
Then stamping the Sunflower onto the CS I sponged it with two different shades of yellow and a little orange to give it a little more depth.  Once I had it all shaded I cut down between the different petals and then cut the flower in half.  I used the smaller half under the upper half to give the flower more depth again.  Then I shaded the area behind the flower with my Chocolate Chip to make it stand out even more.  The last thing I did was add "Seed" beads (very fitting since the last name is Seed) as the centre accent of the flower.

I'm sure that they are going to love it and it will be added to there Sunflower card collection.

Now for a somewhat funny thing.  We cooked a ham for Thanksgiving and had some last night for dinner.  My husband had the great idea to make scalloped potatoes along with the ham.  We usually make our scalloped potatoes from scratch because I prefer to make home made rather than box made.  However we were rushed for time so he purchased a box of scalloped potatoes. I told him to make sure that he got milk as well....but he forgot.  So what to do when you don't have milk on hand...use coffee creamer milk.  Not just any coffee creamer milk, but ID French Vanilla coffee creamer milk.  I know it sounds gross, but he mixed it half and half with water and OMG the scallops were to die for.  They almost tasted like ice cream.  So our new philosophy is use what you have on hand!

Hope you like my sunflower and try your scallops with something other than milk.  You may just like them.

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  1. W-O-W!!! LOVE the use of the beads--this is amazing! I hope your kids liked it...I'm absolutely sure they did! :)