Monday, June 17, 2013

Just for Dad

A belated Happy Father's Day to all those supportive Dad's out there.

We were fortunately enough to be able to bring Dad to our home for Father's Day and have a BBQ with the kids and his Great Grandson.

With Dad now at the Waterford, a Retirement Community with three levels of specialized care our worries have been definitely reduced.  There is always someone around and he has met some great new friends.  When he was living in his own home he was being left alone for long periods of time and living in the country there were few people around to talk to so this new level of socialization has been great for him.

I don't have a card today, instead a have a wreath that my husband and I made for Dad.  Everyone has something on their doors to indicate that it is their room.  If they can't remember the room number at least they remember the wreath or door embellishment.

Dad being and old salt of the sea guy we thought it only fitting to make his wreath a nautical themed one.

The flags spell out his nickname in nautical terms  The anchor is a cookie cutter that I found at Michael's

Love you Dad, Enjoy!


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  1. Great, great is so difficult to give gifts to men...this one is just perfect...

  2. I like the wreath a lot! Your Dad will appreciate it even more than a card. That't a gift with purpose. Nicely done!