Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank You, Thank You

This past year my Brother and I became Power of Attorney over my Father, which let me tell you is a very big undertaking.  If it was just my Father that we was dealing with it might not be so bad but we are dealing with his new wife and her family as well.

We have had to also take Dad's car away on him and this has therefore put us in the driver's seat so to speak to get him around.  There have been several people that have helped us out over the past few months out of the goodness of their hearts and have asked for nothing in return.  As a simple token of our appreciation I have made these Thank You cards for them.

The first one needed to hold four gift cards so I decided to make a wallet.

The next one only needed to hold 1 card so I decided to make one of the new gift cards that are all the rage on other sites.  I must admit though once it was made I really was not all that impressed with it but it works.

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