Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Traditions #1

The Christmas Tree

Over the next couple of weekends I would like to give you an insight into my families Christmas Traditions.

The first tradition is the Tree.  Each year my kids would make Christmas ornaments to put on the tree and to give away as gifts. These ornaments were simple and easy to make for the kids, like cinnamon sticks glued together with a ribbon.  Another tradition was an ornament that I would make with a picture from that year of each one of them.  I would usually use an acrylic key change, which when I found them I purchased a ton of them so that I would be able to use them every year.  On the back I would put the year and their age. Those along with the yearly ones that I gave them grew and grew.  Then once my son moved out and married he had his own ornaments to take with him to start his own traditions.  My daughter will be able to do the same SOMEDAY!

Since the kids are now grown and moved on I am able to have my Special Tree.  The one that you only see in magazines.  As my daughter calls it "My Martha Stewart Tree".  This year it is done in all blues.

Don't forget to drop back next weekend for the next of my Christmas Traditions.

Here is a sneak peak!

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Nancy, I think Christmas is the most "homey" holiday, and Christmas traditions bring family together. I think you kids' ornaments will begin traditions for their families too.
    I also have a couple of ornaments passed from my grate-grandmother, and we cherish them, they bring a lot of sweet memories.
    Thanks for sharing you family traditions with us!