Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TST #154 Time to Shop

It has been crazy the last couple of weeks with the weather.  We managed to get away for a bit and wouldn't you know it we manage to pick the time that Florida decided to get snow.  Yes Snow!  We left three feet of snow back home, to come down here to even just a skiff, but enough to paralyze everything here.
Behind our house on next

Our front door overhang.

Time to walk the Cody, our dog.
Who is looking at his Daddy as much to say "you promised me warmer weather...and NO SNOW!"

At any rate you make the best of what you have and with the cold weather it was time to shop.  I didn't bring a lot of my supplies with me this year, compared to prior years.  I had a shopping list of things that I wanted to try and find while away and have only managed to find one of the items.  However I did manage to find several other items that I know I cannot get back home.  Time to print the coupons and save on new items for my stash.

So this week at Try Stampin on Tuesday I have used all of my new items.  The Michael's down here cares a new line called "Heidi Swapp".  She features stencils, which I purchased a few, and some rather unique stamps.
Use Red, Pink and White
When I first saw this sketch I could see corrigated paper, but I forgot to bring my crimper so I had to change my thoughts.

I don't know if I will use this card for Valentines Day or a Birthday, or even a Just Because card, but at least it gave me a change to try out some of my new stamps.

I hope you like what I have come up with. Now it's your turn.  Need some more inspiration, hop on over to the TST site and see what the other Great Designers have in store for you.  You will not be disappointed. 

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PS: the weather did change within 48 hours and we were into our shorts - thank you!

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  1. LOVE this....those images are wonderful, especially in the colors you chose!