Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TST # 132 Sense of Time...

I must confess before I even start my blog for today.  The card you are about to see is one I made a couple of years back.  Fitting that my title and the card would be made with the SU set "Sense of Time" because these days I just feel like I have no time or I am running out of time.

I missed last week because I have been with my Dad looking after him.  He had a few dizzy spells and was very unstable on his feet so the Retirement Complex that he is in sent him to the emergency for investigation.  Good ending to this story.  After I have tried for several years to convince his old family doctor and specialist that he is on toooooo many medications the specialist at the hospital remarked that it was no wonder he was having dizzy spells because he was on too much medication.  Finally!!!!!  Long story short Dad's medications have been reduced to almost half of what he was on and even a couple of the ones that he remains on have been reduced.  The improvement in Dad has been 180 degrees.  He is more alert and has no problems walking even without using a cane or walker which he had to do before.  We have been fortunate enough to win the lottery with this specialist because he is also a geriatric physician and totally understands what is going on with Dad.

I am hoping that things will start to settle down over the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately because my brother lives in Florida, I am the only sibling around to help out with Dad.  If it were not for my Dear Hubby I would be totally insane by now.

Now onto today's card.  I modified the Try Stampin on Tuesday sketch just a tad but the inside of the card makes up for the front.

I used my Cricut for a lot of the cut outs on this card, along with my circle cutter.  The outside is fairly simple but once you open it it comes to life.....
The inside of the card resembles more of the sketch than the outside and that was why I chose to use it for this sketch.

I don't have the SU pop up cake die but I managed to create a makeshift version so that I could put together this card.  Rather than stacking the die cut pieces one on top of each other I spread them out.


This card took a while to make as I remember it, but it was well worth it once it was finished.  Needless to say because it took so long to make I cherish it and it is in my office showcase.

Now it's your turn.  You don't have to be as elaborate as this card but if you need more inspiration hop on over to the Try Stampin site and see what the other Great Designers have in store for you.

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  1. Saw your post about your Dad and wanted to let you know that I sympathize with you and am so glad you found a doctor that knows how to deal with the problems of aging. Went through the same thing with my Dad. I am glad I spent the time with him before he passed away. God bless and keep you sane and healthy during this trying process.

  2. Fantastic card!! Love all the details and dimension. Also, glad to hear your Dad is doing better :)

  3. Very pretty card. love the dimension and all those clocks are so appropiate fro men 's cards. thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Nancy!
    I just wanted to let you know that your comment on my Cinderella Dressing Room punch art Blog Candy was chosen as the winner! Please email me at mmp12_98@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to forward it to you!
    Have a wonderful day!